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In the times when companies are looking to acquire more while cutting on costs, Nexra can keep you ahead of your competitors. Acquisition of right talent and balancing the cost of the hiring has always been the struggle point for many companies, which is why our team provides our clients with the necessary expertise to progress in terms of productivity, customer satisfaction, and efficiency in conducting business operations.

Our vision is to give you the right talent at the right price.

Nexra hunts down best and highly-skilled candidates for your company and prepares them to fill in the positions in a short time. Our experience and commitment to our work ensure that every candidate we recommend is a quality resource and adds value to your company.

Nexra can help you find that missing piece of the puzzle that is hindering your progress. 

Nexra can provide you IT contractors and consultants for all business kinds of business staffing activities. After years of experience in the consulting business, we have a huge pool of resources that we can provide you for both long and short term engagements. These resources are screened by our experts so that we can ensure that they are right for your company.

Why choose Nexra Contractors or Consultants?

•    You need resources for a short-term project.
•    You need an IT expert with a specialized skillset
•    Location of the job is temporary
•    You don’t want to get into staffing related operations yet, like payroll taxes, expenses, and employee benefits. 
•    You have started new and don’t want to hire permanent employees.
•    You need flexibility in terms of payment


The contractor works with us, and we handle everything for your company. You will only use these employees when you need them for specific purposes.


This can be the best option for companies who would like to test the waters before getting into all. You only need to describe your needs to us, and we will search for the best and top-notch team for your IT talent.

Once you have selected the person that fits you best, they become temporary contractors. This can change to permanent employment with a simple conversion fee. On the other hand, if you are not satisfied with the person, you can keep looking for a new one.

Let Nexra be your talent search partner and help you find a talented team that you would want to retain for years to come. Contract-to-Hire is beneficial for you because it cost almost nothing until you decide to hire them permanently. 

Permanent Employees

Reasons you need Nexra to find permanent employees - 

•    Your own team seems outdated, and there is a lack of resources
•    Your internal recruiters are too busy to handle new staffing. 
•    Your company does not have any internal recruitment system.
•    You need high-skilled IT professions.
•    You don't want to do screeing and interviewing.

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