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The foundation of our successful software development is built upon the effective user-centric interaction model and scalable software infrastructure that allow us to be flexible to the demands of our clients.

We provide app development solutions to bespoke enterprises, start-ups, B2B, and B2C projects. With us, the first step towards any app development process is knowing every important aspect of your business, your target product, and the needs of your customers or users. We develop software solutions that users find convenient and add value and profit for our clients.
We would like you to see how we can help you create apps that will help you grow and monetize your business more effectively. Here are some major software development niches that we work on - 


With the ever-increasing demand for iOS applications and continuous up-gradation of iOS, our development team remains on its toes to catch up to the needs of our clients in terms of building apps for apple store customers. Nexra strives to stay ahead of its competitors and uses advanced IT trends. Our team can execute modern libraries like Mantle, Promise Kit, CocoaLumberjack, and forefront frameworks like Home Kit and Core Data. Our app developers work with an innovative mindset to create a smart and user-friendly app that will result in user satisfaction and increased customer loyalty towards your targeted product and services.


Today, a large number of buyers are using Android OS as a platform to showcase and sell their products and services through apps. Nexra's objective is to realize the project in a way that it syncs with the vision of your company and gives utmost satisfaction to your users both in terms of usage and ease of access. Our goal is to focus on creating fast, reliable, and captivating apps, executing bespoke software, user-friendly interfaces, and highly efficient data privacy protection. Nexra provides a digital solution that is innovative, spectacular, and easily accessible to your customer base.

Apps for websites

We have a brilliant team of web app developers who is always ready to take challenging tasks and work to exceed your expectations on the project. These developers can handle any kind of complex jobs, of any scale. Our team ensures that the apps they develop for you are integrated well with your hardware and software. We expertise in most of the programming languages, including Java, SWIFT, Ruby, Shell, Python, PHP, JS, C++, and many other advanced languages. We also use a wide range of frameworks like Angular.js and React Native, and some advanced libraries like Elmah, Entity, JSON to carry out complex projects quickly.

Software for Desktop

Programmers at Nexra consistently work to create high-speed and responsive customized software to provide your company with a bespoke e-commerce platform, GPS integration, storage database, networking, offline web usage, etc. Our desktop app developers have worked successfully in different business niches and work with learn quick attitude even with the new and challenging projects. Nexra promises quick delivery and reliability in doing justice with your business. 

Windows Mobile and Windows 10

Windows operating systems in mobile systems have brought a revolution in the businesses that were using windows as a platform. The operating system on mobile has unified most of the services and applications with PC. This has allowed even our developers to design multiple products in the form of apps and other services that run smoothly on both windows 10 and windows mobile. We are implementing advanced libraries and free-flowing design systems that allow us to create more stable and fast-working integrated systems for our clients. Most importantly, our app developers are helping our clients in monetizing their services and products swiftly and efficiently.

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