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Discover the true potential of Salesforce solutions with our help!

Why should you use Salesforce?

Organizations these days are interested in selecting smart investments that can ensure ROI for their brand name and better monetary value for their services. 

Salesforce can help such organizations through their wide range of products and services – Service Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Sales Cloud, etc.

Salesforce Sales Cloud 

With Sales Cloud, the organizations get state of the art infrastructure and sustainable economic and business environments with the help of an opportunity management system. It allows you to close sales, integrate and sell as a unified team, handle contacts, and trace opportunities starting from making contacts till the endpoint of closing sales, bringing it to a centralized hub of an enterprise-wide lead-to-cash sales cycle.

Sales Cloud allow you to automate the entire business process thus improving productivity and rationalizing sales for progressing ROI - 

•    Customized Sales Process
•    Improved efficiency
•    Implementation of advanced technologies


Salesforce Service Cloud

Service Cloud enables you to commit to straightforward customized customer services, trace customer activities throughout your business channels, improve business productivity, consequently help in bringing customer satisfaction. The efficient use of the salesforce service cloud allows the effortless automation of services, improves overview, and simplifies workflow by using a hawks eye view and associating with all of your customers on all kinds of devices.

Service cloud features - 

•    Comprehensive customer view for dynamic customer connection.
•    Multi-way selection for a more customized and personalized approach.
•    Implementation of the opportunity management system and workflow management for better regulation.
•    Artificial Intelligence based solutions and analytic for measurable performance and customer support.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud is meant to help companies in making informed data-based recommendations, as well as push sales and close deals via multi-channel integration. 

Here are some features that can help your organization to integrate data from every point of your business and gives you more customized campaigns - 

•    Analytics to make data-based predictions.
•    Management of data in real-time
•    Ensuring the integration of marketing and sales objectives
•    Analytics based on social media and content administration


Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning is a service platform that enables developers to build add-on applications that can be incorporated into the master application. The lightning platform provides creative tools to help in automation of business, builds custom logic for business, personalize the user interface, communicate with third-party applications, and delivers flexible layouts, making it easy for you to create responsive apps for any device. Lightning involves -

•    Components with a client-server framework for effortless development and efficiency in the performance of apps.
•    The app builder to enable quick designs for customs user interfaces without any requirement of coding. 

Salesforce Integration

Bespoke custom applications are the main powerful tools in Salesforce integration as they provide real-time data of your performance, consequently assist enterprises in improving their productivity and revenue. With Salesforce support services and expert consultation on development from Nexra, you will get all the benefits of effortless uncomplicated integration so that you can focus on your core work capabilities to deliver valuable products and services to customers.

Nexra's Salesforce application development squad always ensures that our clients benefit from our custom-made solutions and consulting, including Salesforce Commerce Cloud implementation, mobile app development services, and marketing cloud implementation services for better performance and management.

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